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All the updates for everything installed on the machine. To use Boot Camp Assistant : 1.

Creating a Partition for Windows Boot Camp Assistant helps you create a new partition for Windows on an internal disk. When you create the Windows partition, you can choose to use 32 GB, use half of the disk for Windows, or set a custom size. To create a partition for Windows: 1. Creating a Partition on a Computer with Multiple Internal Disks If you are installing Windows on a computer with more than one internal disk, select which disk to partition for Windows.

In the "Create or Remove a Windows Partition" window, select a disk to see the options available for that disk. Step 2: Install Windows Read and follow these instructions for installing Windows on your Mac computer. To install Windows on your Mac computer: 1.

If you already quit Boot Camp Assistant without installing Windows: a. Open Boot Camp Assistant. Select "Start the Windows installer.

Click Continue. Insert your Windows installation disc. Your computer starts up from the Windows installation disc. Follow the onscreen instructions. Refer to the following sections for more information.

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Doing so may delete the entire contents of your Mac OS X partition. To format the partition for Windows Vista: 1. Click "Drive options advanced. Click Next.

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Setting Up Windows After you install the Windows software, your computer automatically restarts using Windows. To install the Boot Camp drivers: 1. Eject the Windows installation disc. Go to My Computer. In the Intel-based world, this fact has led to a technology known as virtualisation, where you use the same computer hardware to run multiple operating systems simultaneously. For example, a Windows user could launch a virtual machine running an earlier version of Windows or Linux on the same system, as if it was any other application. But the reason why virtualisation is important is that the amount of emulation is minimised if there is any , so the performance of the virtual machine is almost the same as if it was the real machine.

boot camp installation and setup guide leopard

And, in fact, virtualisation has become so important that Intel are now building hardware support for it right into the processor. We may look at virtualisation in more depth in another issue of SOS , but for now it's worth mentioning that shortly after Boot Camp was released, a public beta version of the first commercial virtualisation software for Intel-based Macs, Parallels Workstation , also appeared www.

Although there are some free alternatives, even in beta form Parallels Workstation runs significantly better and takes only about half an hour to install Windows XP. Some of the free alternatives take hours. Parallels Workstation isn't completely stable yet, and some features are still missing in the public beta, but new beta versions are appearing weekly and showing consistent signs of improvement.

News of Mac-Intel-compatible applications, drivers, and plug-ins seems to roll in a daily basis at the moment, which is good news for those who have taken the plunge already, or those considering the move. With various possibilities now existing for running Windows XP efficiently on a Mac, the big question is why a musician or audio engineer would want to run Windows on their Mac. To begin with, if you go with the dual-boot system using Boot-Camp , this will allow you to run many of the full-blown music-making apps that aren't available on the Mac, such as Cakewalk's Sonar and Project 5 , Image-Line's FL Studio , and so on.


While you might spend most of your time working on the Mac side, you might have a client or collaborator who works in one of these programs, and it might thus be helpful for you to run a copy without having to purchase a second computer. This is perhaps the most persuasive argument for Boot Camp : Mac users can dabble with Windows applications as if they were running a normal Windows computer, with full driver support for plugging in USB and Firewire audio and MIDI devices.

The performance of Ableton's Live running under Parallels Workstation beta version 4 is comparable to that of a native system. While Boot Camp is quite clear-cut in its advantage — it kind of gives you a second computer for the cost of a Windows XP license — the use of virtualisation software such as Parallels Workstation offers a more interesting workflow for Mac users who want to mix and match Windows and Mac apps simultaneously.

How to Install Windows On Mac Using Bootcamp Part 1

Before I say anything else, I should just mention that no matter how good the virtualisation technology becomes, it's unlikely you'll ever be able to run Windows-based plug-ins in a Mac application, or Windows-based applications as Rewire masters or slaves with a Mac application. However, there are many stand-alone Windows applications that complement Mac music software and that personally I'd love to see available for the Mac, such as Steinberg's Wavelab.

With Parallels Workstation , you could run Wavelab alongside your main Mac music software as if it was just another application, although there are a couple of caveats. At the moment, Parallels Workstation has limited hardware support, so it isn't possible to virtualise audio and MIDI hardware so that it becomes available to the virtual machine.

This means that for sound you're limited to a high-latency stereo driver that passes the sound from the virtual machine to Core Audio, which isn't ideal.

Install Windows Vista on your Mac with Boot Camp

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