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Malware and adware are essentially programs that hitchhiked a ride on something you downloaded from the internet and spy on your web browsing in order to target you with ads and pop-ups. Besides being annoying, these hidden programs can slow down your internet as they track you in the background. You can check for malware and adware with a program like Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.

How to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac

Sometimes, a slow Internet connection is a crowded connection. Your Mac or another device in your home may be working on the internet in the background. One of the biggest culprits is Time Machine. While backing up your computer over wi-fi is a good idea, Time Machine is automatically set to back-up every hour — and that backup process is pretty draining on your internet.

Problems with the internet? Check the speed with these Mac apps

A simple solution is to adjust the frequency of when Time Machine completes backups. Sometimes, the problem isn't your Mac.

For example, I realized that every time I plugged my iPhone into an outlet, the automatic cloud backup started — and slowed down my internet. If your wi-fi isn't password protected, your neighbor could be piggybacking your signal too. The more devices you have using the internet at once, like watching Netflix while checking Facebook, the more speed you'll need to avoid freezes. Router issues can cause speed issues — if your internet is just as slow when your smartphone or another device is connected to wi-fi, chances are, the issue isn't inside your Mac.

Try restarting your router by turning it off, waiting a few seconds and turning it back again.

You may also want to relocate your router or use a repeater, see the best WiFi range extenders for home so it's closer to where you connect the most — make sure to avoid objects that can affect the signal like metal and microwaves. If you are using an old router, an upgrade could help boost your internet speed. While wireless is the most convenient, Ethernet, or connecting directly to the router with a cable, is the fastest.

If you can, connect to Ethernet while at your desk, but use wi-fi if you need to stay mobile.


Ethernet eliminates the wi-fi interferences, like the distance from the router and objects blocking the signal. Be honest — how many tabs do you have open right now?

The more tabs you have open, the quicker you'll max out your internet speed. If you have a fast connection, a few tabs won't be a problem but if you're only paying for a few megabytes, your problem could be simply trying to do too many things at once. Most wireless routers today support the Increasingly more routers support the newer To test your internet connection , we recommend you use one of the WiFi speed test apps recommended in this article.

The WiFi internet speed test apps listed below send and receive data to and from a remote server to calculate your maximum download and upload speed, making it clear whether your ISP is providing you with the advertised speeds or not. NetSpot is the only WiFi network speed test app on this list that does it all, including in-depth WiFi analysis and surveys. Designed with both professional and home users in mind, NetSpot brings to the table a modern user interface that exposes all features of the app at a glance and two distinct WiFi analysis modes: Discover and Survey.

'Why is my Mac so slow?': 6 ways to speed up your Mac computer when its performance is lagging

It instantly gathers all available information about WiFi networks that are within reach, including the channel they are broadcasted on, their strength, noise, BSSID, and security. The Survey Mode allows you to create a detailed signal heatmap of an area to see which parts of the area are covered with a strong WiFi signal and which could use a boost.

NetSpot is available for Mac and Windows computers, and it can be downloaded for free for testing purposes. Non-profit organizations, education institutions, and government organizations are also eligible for a considerable discount. Thanks to this database, you can compare your internet connection with other people living in your area, which can help you decide whether you should look for a different ISP. Unlike most other similar apps, Fast. The speed of virtually every WiFi network can be significantly improved by determining the optimum place for the WiFi router using a WiFi analyzer app such as NetSpot.

Start by running a WiFi survey of the area you would like to cover with a strong WiFi signal by walking from one part of the area to another and marking your position in NetSpot. Once NetSpot has collected enough data samples, the app will visualize your WiFi network by creating a detailed signal heatmap and highlighting all signal weak spots and dead zones. This will give you useful reference data that you can analyze after every change you make.

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You should place your WiFi router away from electronic appliances that could cause electromagnetic interference and avoid large obstacles, such as furniture. You should also avoid broadcasting on the same WiFi channel as other WiFi routers near you.