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  1. Add Your Own Folders to the Finder Sidebar in Mac OS X
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A command line application for managing OS X Finder sidebar favourites. Objective-C Makefile. Objective-C Branch: master New pull request.

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How To Add A New Folder To Mac Finder Favourites

Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio With the page open, click and hold the URL in the browser address bar. A small icon will appear below your mouse cursor.

Add Your Own Folders to the Finder Sidebar in Mac OS X

Depending on the browser you're using, you may need to click the entire web address or the icon located to the left of the web page URL. If you have a file or folder within an application you'd like to open quickly, you can add them to the Dock so that the folder is always right on top of your desktop. Click the file or folder you would like to add and drag it to the dock, to the left of the trash can icon.

Release the mouse and the folder will appear. Depending on the application, the icon will take on the appearance of the application.

Adding Folder to the Favorite Folder

Word documents, for example, will display the word 'DOCX. While the Dock is pre-loaded in a specific order, you can customize which applications appear in the dock, and the location, or order, of the applications.

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The Finder and Trash icons cannot be moved, but you can move the position of, and add or delete other app shortcuts, to match your own preferences. All you have to do is select the icon of the app you'd like to move, then drag it to the new position you want it to be in.

The other icons on the Dock will resettle around the icon you've just moved so everything is spaced evenly on the Dock. If your dock is too crowded, or you'd like to declutter your Dock, you can remove icons and give your Dock some breathing room.

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Drag the icon up or across, depending upon the location of your dock to the middle of the screen. On your Mac, the Dock is located horizontally at the bottom of your screen. You can move the Dock to appear vertically to the left or right of your screen, along with other customization features, including the Genie effect. Here's how:. A new window will open giving you the option to change the position of the Dock, the Dock's size, and the Genie effect. Share Pin Email. Susan J.

Open up Finder

It's not an issue in any other apps. So, not any apparent fixes proposed yet since I've read this link just now, but hopefully someone can figure out the answer and post it here. I have a mid Mac running Very easy. What to do when El Capitan sidebar's favorites disappear Macworld.

From Applications Folder

In addition, it invites you to send Mac OS problems to them to solve. Based on the fact that it happens to my Adobe applications, I'd say it's related to Adobe products in some way. It doesn't matter who started it, Adobe products is where I'm seeing the finished result - if there's any solution it would be great. The links thus far provided are not the correct answer - let's see some new answers.

How to Make the macOS Finder Suck Less

I would have sent you to the thread Favorites have all disappeared from "open file" prompt. How can I fix this? Good news: the answer seems to have worked! I know what you're probably saying , but I was put off by how some people were saying that it was not working for them, and how one of the answers simply said to restart - which did not work for me. I was also concerned that the SO question was not necessarily Adobe-related and had to do with other applications or Finder itself, which in my case there's nothing wrong with those.