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See more. Suggestions of events. Thank you so much for your kind reply; the fact is that I meticulously applied styles with my Mac Word program, and the other formatting tricks suggested by Kindle, and, although there may have been some errors there, I think most of that was done correctly. The problem was that Word did not allow me to convert my Doc manuscript to HTML as it should have Microsoft anything, you are right, Microsoft is a problem in my opinion--you never know if it will work or not.

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The manuscript uploaded reasonably well when reading it on the simple Kindle I don't know about the others--good point. I think I have the HTML file that Kindle used to publish my manuscript, because when I couldn't preview it, I downloaded Kindle's publishing file directly using their viewing software.

Roman script font

Do I need a special software to convert from Word to Zip files? What do you suggest please? Bob Ps. Thanks for the help. You don't ever have to zip a Word file. If you have images, you do have to zip them together with the html file if that's what you're using.

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If your Word doc is well formatted, there is no reason you can't upload it directly to the KDP. Preview it, and if you like what you see, go ahead and publish. If the preview is a mess, then you have either got to improve your Word skills learn about Styles! I don't believe you can get an html file out of the downloaded book file. Depending on what you uploaded, you might be able to download the html from the online preview window. I haven't done that for years and could never see the point of it.

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  5. You can however extract the epub version from the downloaded book file use Mobi Unpack, a free software. You can open the epub file in Sigil, also free and excellent, and tweak it there. As with Word docs, epubs have the advantage that if you have images, they will be uploaded without going to extra trouble to zip several files together.

    Good luck! Mc Word is a bit differnt than MS Word!

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    I do not think theyhave the Filtered part of webpage. Here is the recipe for Webpage filtered, with the McWord difference added at the end.

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    8. Note Macs call it Archiving instead of zipping! From Word. DO NOT! NOTE: This folder should be created ahead of time, placed in a convenient place, and given a distinct name that is easy to find.